“Art is not painting what you see, but what you make others see.” Edward Degas



When I visited Pamela's exhibit featuring her work along with other artist, I was impressed by her work.  I really enjoyed the display of her paintings and I appreciated the diversity of the subjects she painted.  I was attracted to a small painting of red grapes and I bought it.  The colors, re-purple and dark-green of the leaves, together with the distressed wooden frame.  I just found it so charming.  Looking at that painting makes me happy......isn't that what a piece of art is supposed to do?  Give you a positive vibe, evoke nice memories.......make you dream and smile.  Pamela is enthusiastic about her work and there is no doubt she does it with great passion.  Visit her exhibits, talk to her, you will enjoy the experience.  I highly recommend her work.


My husband commissioned Pam to create a painting for my special birthday.  She captured the essence of his vision in the most beautiful way!  Pam is a talented professional artist with a wide range and she works with you to achieve your vision- hire her.  You won't regret it!


Pamela is a great contributor to the local arts movement.  She has volunteered her time with community arts.  Her imagination and creativity are obvious in her paintings.  Her work also shows an understanding of how to paint well.